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Mouthful of Spiders

Your mouth will tingle with the taste of spiders.


Peter Lane is a peculiar awkward man. He suffers from constant vivid nightmares. The woman of his dreams does not even know he exists, and he only has one true friend. In an attempt to ease his suffering, his doctor prescribes bizarre, unconventional treatments for his mental well-being. But soon, his life will be even more turned upside down. He is invited to a winter retreat at an isolated mountain lodge where he will be forever changed. One by one, the lodge guests are dying in strange, disturbing ways. Who or what is behind these macabre deaths? Can anyone be trusted? Will Peter survive and discover the killer's identity, or will he end up with a Mouthful of Spiders?





We hurried even faster. Up ahead was a canyon, a deep ravine on
top of the mountain. It must have been sixty feet deep. I stopped just
before reaching the edge, sliding as I did so. On the opposite side of
the canyon were a man and a woman. The man wore snowboarding
gear from head to toe. His face was completely covered, making his
identity unknown. The woman had her back to us so that I could not
make out any details. The man had his hands on both of her shoulders
and was pushing her back toward the edge of the cliff.


"Stop!" Ben shouted.


My heart was beating fast, and my breathing was heavy
against the cold air.


The man kept pushing her toward the edge. There was
nothing we could do but watch. The canyon was too deep to
reach them in time. We just stood there and observed in horror.
The man turned toward us and then pushed her off the cliff. She
hit the ground hard and made a loud boom as she struck the
canyon floor.


"Oh God!" yelled Ben.

"What have you done?!" I yelled at the man on the other side
of the canyon.


The man did not say a word. He looked our way, then ran off
into the woods, disappearing into the wilderness.